Volunteers at WPD

$0The Westminster Police Department is actively seeking volunteers from the community to participate in nonhazardous law enforcement activities in support services and operations. Our goal is to expand our volunteer team to over 30 people in the year to come. Won't you consider volunteering? $0$0Whether you're retired and looking to volunteer or younger volunteers looking to gain experience via this program,we are certainly interested to meet you. How do you become a volunteer?$0$0Qualifications$0$0$0Each volunteer should have an educational level of at least a high school diploma or G.E.D. Specific assignments may require a particular job skill or basic familiarity with personal computers. $0$0Each volunteer must be able to pass a background investigation that will allow them to have access to sensitive and confidential information. $0$0Volunteers who may have the need to drive a department vehicle will possess a valid California driver’s license. $0$0Volunteers must provide the department with a medical clearance letter from their attending physician stating that they are in satisfactory health to perform the duties of a volunteer. $0$0$0Committment$0$0Volunteers are asked to donate a minimum of 16 hours per month to support the services of the police department. Volunteers will be utilized in a variety of different assignments, community events, fleet maintenance, data entry, patrol, detectives, crime scene investigation, and various other job assignments. The Westminster Police Department will provide uniforms and training for all police volunteers.$0$0If you are interested in volunteering your time please fill out and submit the "volunteer application" form using the link below. $0$0$0Volunteer Application $0$0$0For further information please contact !PD-PSU@westminster-ca.gov or call (714) 548-3771. $0