The Property Division is staffed by a full time civilian employee and volunteer. The hours of operation are Monday to Thursday 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Property releases are done by appointment only. Please contact the Property Division at (714) 548-3216, if you need to make an appointment.

The Property Division is responsible for the storage of property and evidence items. The division receives up to 100,000 pieces of property a year. These items include found, safekeeping, and evidence items. Property personnel maintain documented records of all items turned in and the chain of custody as the item leaves and enters the Property room. They also handle destruction and auctioning of property items. Evidence items deemed in fair to good condition can be auctioned to the public through an auction company.

  • Found property: Items turned into the Police Department as found property are held for 90 days until they can be purged. If you would like to file a Finder’s Affidavit form, contact the Property Division for further details. At the end of the 90-day period, if the item(s) are unclaimed, you, the finder, may have the property released to you.

  • Bicycles are turned in as found on a monthly basis.Contact the Property Division if you have lost a bike.

  • Safekeeping property: Items turned in for safekeeping are held for 60 days. We will attempt to contact the owner to make an appointment for pickup. After the 60 day period, if we are unable to release the item(s) to the rightful owner, the item(s) will be purged accordingly.

  • Evidence: This property is held for investigative purposes. After the completion of the case, the item(s) will be returned to the rightful owner or purged, as directed by the investigator.

  • Auction Information: Unclaimed items and city surplus property items are sent to auction approximately 3-5 times a year. The auction company we use is GAC, General Auction Company located in Buena Park. You can contact them at (714) 670-8510 or their Web site for information about upcoming auctions.