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Parks/Trees Division

The Parks/ Trees Maintenance Division maintains all City parks, Civic Center grounds, landscaped medians, and all street and park trees for the overall enjoyment of the public.


  1. Maintain turf in parks on scheduled basis.
  2. Regularly inspect playground equipment, landscaping, irrigation, and park buildings and repair as necessary.
  3. Remove graffiti from parks and public right-of-ways citywide in a timely manner.
  4. Maintain tree trimming schedule and replace parkway trees as needed to provide an attractive urban forest. See information below on how to get a parkway tree planted.
  5. Weed control of City right-of-way areas and City-owned properties.
  6. Administer city-wide tree trimming and landscape maintenance contracts.

Contact: (714) 895-2876 or

Parkway Tree Planting Programs

The City of Westminster has two programs to help you, your neighbors, or your customers to offset the cost of planting trees. The first program for interested residents and business owners who want a tree in their parkway is to purchase the designated tree and root barrier for $95.00 per tree. To request that a tree be planted, please send a check in the amount of $95.00 to the City of Westminster, Attention Veronica Johnson, 8200 Westminster Boulevard, Westminster, CA 92683. Please include the tree species from the list of Approved Replacement Species List, your address and phone number. The City's staff will plant the tree, which will take approximately four to six weeks for planting.

The second program for planting trees that is offered is the Tree Voucher.  First select the tree species from the list of “Approved Replacement Species List”, then if you are willing to provide the labor, the City will provide the tree and the root barrier. Please contact Todd Miller at 714 548-3692  to schedule a time to visit the City Corporation Yard and obtain the voucher so that you can pick up the free tree at a local nursery.

Additionally, we offer the "How to Plant Trees" brochure, which is available at City Hall and the City Yard. Please remember that while the City will keep the tree trimmed, the homeowner or business owner is responsible for watering the tree. For information on watering your new parkway tree, click here.

For the municipal code related to parkway trees (12.12.130) click here.